Father Shearing – 2nd Vicar of Kenton

The work of a founder is truly a great one, and those who come after such a man are bound to be a bit in the shade. Fr Shearing came to St Mary’s from St John the Evangelist, Palmers Green, and set himself the task of building up the community at St Mary’s and at Holy Spirit, and if a monument were required for him it would be the deep love and affection he inspired in many, who found in him compassion and a humble faith that shames many of us who are inclined to be glib.

Fr Shearing was the chairman of the Bishop of Willesden’s Liturgical Committee. He was also appointed as one of the Chaplain’s with special responsibility for Post Ordination Training (P.O.T.), by the Bishop of Willesden.

At Whitsun in 1972 Fr Shearing celebrated his 30th anniversary of Ordination, by taking a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He thanked the congregation for the kind Easter gift of £86.00 which greatly helped towards the trip, as it was something he had wanted to do for a long time.

Bishop Graham Leonard

Father Shearing took everything to heart, every problem, every complaint, whether serious or silly, every word of praise. He was able with the young Priests who were sent to him by the Bishop as assistants to create an easier and more relaxed atmosphere in the parish that was his care and responsibility. The gentleness of his life may not have been utterly suited to the rough and tumble of big-parish life, and he was certainly not helped by all who called him ‘Father’. The manner of his death concerns only God, the quality of his life at its best was evident to all.

Father Bance said:
“There is a general feeling of emptiness in the Parish. The sudden death of our beloved vicar, Father Shearing, has left us all a little confused and perhaps insecure. Father Shearing was many things, Pastor, friend, father figure, counsellor, confidant, but above all he was our Priest, a corner stone without whom we all feel dislodged. Besides being a great testimonial to a fine Priest, our present situation calls for a deeper dedication to our Lord and his Church. This is something Father Shearing wished us all to share.