2023-06-01T09:16:28+00:001st June, 2023|

Dear friends, This Sunday we celebrate the mystery of the Trinity - of one God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As this rather irreverent video demonstrates, [...]


2023-05-24T15:06:35+00:0024th May, 2023|

Dear friends, Although Pentecost points to an ending - the end of the Easter season - it is in fact more properly a beginning - when we commemorate [...]

The Sixth Sunday of Easter

2023-05-11T08:21:19+00:0011th May, 2023|

Dear friends, I think it's safe to say that rarely has an Annual Parish Meeting inspired wild enthusiasm in a congregation; however, the short meeting which will take [...]

The Fourth Sunday of Easter

2023-04-27T05:31:14+00:0027th April, 2023|

Dear friends, The Fourth Sunday of Easter is traditionally known as Good Shepherd Sunday, and is a day of special prayer for vocations to the sacred priesthood. Thank [...]

The Third Sunday of Easter

2023-04-13T12:06:58+00:0020th April, 2023|

Dear friends, The Resurrection appearance on the road to Emmaus is one of the best-known and best-loved of Our Lord's appearances during that first Eastertide - doubtless because [...]

Easter Day

2023-04-06T14:08:26+00:006th April, 2023|

Dear friends, Today (Maundy Thursday, 6 April) we begin the most sacred season of the Christian year, the "Sacrum Triduum" (or Three Holy Days). I look forward to [...]

Palm Sunday

2023-03-28T11:16:42+00:0029th March, 2023|

Dear friends, An acquaintance told me recently of his intention to camp out overnight on the Mall to witness the King's Coronation procession along the Royal Route in May: [...]

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