News for Sunday, 5 May

2024-05-02T15:46:35+00:002nd May, 2024|

Dear friends, This Sunday's Gospel reading contains the astonishing assertion that we are those whom Christ has chosen 'to go out and to bear fruit, fruit that will [...]

News for Sunday, 28 April

2024-04-19T19:24:21+00:0024th April, 2024|

Dear friends, 🍕 🍷 Greetings, and the assurance of my prayers for you from Rome - where I am enjoying my post-Easter break on pilgrimage. (Please note that, in my [...]

News for Sunday, 21 April

2024-04-18T15:37:20+00:0018th April, 2024|

Dear friends, The Fourth Sunday of Easter is also known as "Good Shepherd Sunday", on account of the set Gospel reading, from John 10. Presented with this image [...]

News for Sunday, 14 April

2024-04-10T13:00:03+00:0010th April, 2024|

Dear friends, This Sunday's second reading reflects on three interlinked dimensions of discipleship: believing, behaving and belonging. To be a Christian is to know God (to believe), to [...]

News for Sunday, 17 March

2024-03-13T16:43:29+00:0014th March, 2024|

Dear friends, What an encouraging Sunday we enjoyed last weekend, and thank you to all who supported our Mothering Sunday services - especially to those who prepared such [...]

News for Sunday, 3 March

2024-02-28T14:27:39+00:0028th February, 2024|

Dear friends, We are looking forward to welcoming the first of our Lenten guest preachers this coming Sunday at the 10.30am Mass: Fr Thomas Cotterill is Assistant Curate [...]

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