Dear friends,

Earlier this year we conducted an incredibly successful stewardship campaign, which saw freewill giving rise by 30%: thank you again for your generosity. But in this coming Sunday’s Gospel reading, we are reminded that God asks not only for His fair share of our treasure and our time, but also asks us to be good stewards of our talents. We are a diverse and richly-talented parish family, and between us we have many skills and abilities which can profitably be put to use for God, in His Church. As we contemplate the Parable of the Talents, let us all consider the ways in which God has gifted and equipped us – and how these talents can be put to use in His service. We are always looking for new volunteers to assist with reading, singing, serving and welcoming at Mass – and for those who can help provide our hospitality in the Hall afterwards (and at special social events). At this time, we especially require volunteers to pop Christmas fair fliers through local doors and into local shop windows. We would also be delighted to hear from those who could help count the collection periodically, and anyone with a financial background who might be able to lend a hand with our accounting responsibilities. Please speak to the clergy or churchwardens if you feel moved to help. And thank you to all who so generously give of their time, talents and treasure to build up the life of the family of God in this place!

Please support the upcoming ACAT (Harrow) Annual (and final) service on Sunday at 3pm at Christ Church, Roxeth Hill – and please note that the aforementioned Christmas Fair is fast approaching, in the Hall on Saturday, 25 November between 10.30-5pm.

With my best wishes and every blessing,

Fr Richard