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Patronal Festival of Our Lady of Walsingham

20th September, 2023|

Dear friends, And, just like that, a whole year has (almost!) passed since you and I first began walking this pilgrim way together, and you welcomed me as your new parish priest, during a stunning service twelve months ago this weekend. [...]

The Twenty-Fourth Sunday of the Year

13th September, 2023|

Dear friends, It's good to be back after my week away, and as a new term begins - which promises to be a very busy one! We are just over a week away from our Patronal Festival celebrations, [...]

The Twenty-Second Sunday of the Year

30th August, 2023|

Dear friends, A large group from Kenton joined friends from Willesden and Kingsbury - and, indeed, hundreds of other pilgrims from parishes across the country - for a wonderful time in Walsingham this week on Monday, at the Pilgrimage [...]

The Twenty-First Sunday of the Year

23rd August, 2023|

Dear friends, One of the areas in which congregational growth is happily evident is at our weekday Masses: approximately a third of our regular congregation now also comes to one or more weekday services, which see attendance of [...]

The Twentieth Sunday of the Year

16th August, 2023|

Dear friends, A church not unlike our own once hosted a summer parish barbecue, and set out the salads and sweets to share on a trestle table in the garden. At one end, beside  a basket of apples, the priest had [...]

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