News for Sunday, 19 November

2023-11-02T13:35:47+00:0015th November, 2023|

Dear friends, Earlier this year we conducted an incredibly successful stewardship campaign, which saw freewill giving rise by 30%: thank you again for your generosity. But in this [...]

News for Sunday, 12 November

2023-11-02T12:27:59+00:008th November, 2023|

Dear friends, Following a joyous Confirmation last Sunday, we assure the newly-confirmed of our continuing prayers, and extend a hearty vote of thanks to all whose hard work [...]

News for Sunday, 5 November

2023-10-31T11:56:11+00:001st November, 2023|

Dear friends, St Leonard of Noblac lived, in the sixth century, as a hermit in the forest of Limousin (in France), following his conversion to Christianity in 496 alongside [...]

News for Sunday, 22 October

2023-10-17T14:25:57+00:0018th October, 2023|

Dear friends, What a wonderful time we had last Sunday: thank you so much to all whose hard work and generosity made our celebrations together such a success! It [...]

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